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Italian Thanksgiving

November 19, 2009

Since this year we will be will be eating turkey at the Manna house,  we invited my mom, brother and grandparents down for pre-Thanksgiving this Sunday. I cannot get excited about eating the full-blown meal twice in one week (well actually, yes I can, but I’m not feeling it this time around) so we are going Italian. It’s only right as a newly-minted Manna.

The menu? Still in flux…but with days slipping away I need to get it together. Tentatively speaking:

Meat and Cheese plate – Three traditional Italian artisan salamis (Wild boar, piccante and soppresata) and cheeses (brie, mezzo secco and basque) plus a crash course in all of the above from the knowledgeable staff at Earth Fare.

One thing we learned is that salami, when prepared in the traditional Italian style, is allowed to develop a certain mold on the casing which helps develop the flavor. According to Wikipedia, it is  an edible mold (Penicillium) culture – we will not be eating it. I’m glad we were forewarned as this probably would have thrown me off a bit when I got home.

Sopressata sausage pre-edible mold removal

Homemade Caesar dressing and salad

French bread (not Italian, but I am getting pretty good at this if I do say so myself)

Melodie Manna’s Lasagna (MIL is a chef in her own right!)

Giada’s Chicken Saltimbocca

Easy Ricotta Gnocchi from The Kitchn

And the oh-so Italian Apple Pie from Ms. Paula Deen with crumble topping from Martha Stewart.

But then today I watched a video from Mark Bittman on proscuitto-wrapped sweet potatoes which really got me thinking…so if I just feel like I want to cook forever they may get thrown in too.

Can’t wait to share how it turns out!

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